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How Hartford Business Journal Works for Advertisers

Hartford Business Journal is the only audited statewide, subscription-based business publication in Connecticut. It has a total readership of 20,000+ affluent and educated business decision makers. That makes Hartford Business Journal the ideal place to market both business-to-business and high-end products and services.

HBJ Brand Overview:
For more than 20 years, the HBJ brand has become a trusted business news source – helping advertisers reach the area's business decision makers via print, online and in person.

To request additional information about advertising in Hartford Business Journal family of products, or to arrange to have an account executive contact you, just fill out this quick form.

Advertisers in Hartford Business Journal use the publication to accomplish many marketing goals, including:

  • Reaching inaccessible decision makers
  • Securing leads for sales people
  • Creating a favorable impression of your company
  • Building company brand and image
  • Stimulating word-of-mouth advertising
  • Supporting direct sales efforts
  • Increasing market share
  • Keeping current customers sold
  • Introducing new products and services
  • Developing new customers
  • Gaining a competitive edgeSupporting other marketing efforts

Sponsorship Opportunities:
In today's competitive and over-communicated society, market pressures are shaping products and services towards increasing similarity. Differentiation now has to be established beyond the mere features and benefits inherent in a specific product. Personal contact emerges as the single most potent point of differentiation. When all other factors are equal, the company with a personal contact with a prospect wins the new business every time.

By Investing in Sponsorship Opportunities You Will:

  • Enjoy face-to-face marketing in a positive, high-energy environment designed to facilitate networking and develop new business contacts
  • Grow your personal and your business network.
  • Begin new long term personal relationships with other area businesspeople.
  • Deliver outstanding hospitality for your customers, key employees and vendors.
  • Build and reinforce name recognition with our audience of business decision makers.
  • Support your sales and business development activities.
  • Help your sales and marketing teams develop high level contacts.
  • Demonstrate investment in and support of an exciting and positive event for the local business community.
  • Increase your brand visibility and favorability with the area business community.
  • Grow interest and awareness for your company, your people and your products.
  • Emphasize the regional focus of your business
  • Associate your company with the Hartford Business Journal; a respected voice in the business community.

Advertising Specs

Mobile Sponsor Ad:

Ads must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to first posting date.

Mobile Sponsor Ad......320 x 50 pixels. 72 dpi, File Format: GIF or JPEG only. Max file size is 50k.

Online Ads:, HBJToday, CT Morning Blend and eNews

Ads must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to first posting date.
Web Ad Sizes: width x height
Leaderboard..............728 x 90 pixels. 72 dpi, GIF or JPEG. Max file size is 70k.
Medium Rectangle......300 x 250 pixels. 72 dpi, GIF or JPEG. Max file size is 70k.
Half Page..................300 x 600 pixels. 72 dpi, GIF or JPEG. 100k max file size on Half Page.

Remember to supply all 3 sizes (Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Half Page) for CPM Campaigns running on

WARNING: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 does not display animated GIF files in the body of e-mail messages. Only the first frame of the animation appears. This means that HBJToday and eNews recipients using Outlook 2007 will see ONLY THE FIRST FRAME of your animated GIF. It is suggested that you supply a non-animated ad for use in HBJToday, CT Morning Blend or eNews, or make sure all pertinent information is displayed in the first frame.

HBJToday, CT Morning Blend and eNews, the email products, DO NOT support FLASH, HTML ads or IFRAME ads. Please submit a .jpg or .gif only for all eNews products. Please include the link to your website.

Flash and animated GIFs are acceptable for the website only.

Maximum loops: 3

Duration of animation (time in seconds): 30 seconds

Max size of file :72 dpi, Max file size is 70k for Leaderboard and Med Rectangle, 100k max file size on Half Page.

Flash Player version: 9 (maximum)

ActionScript version: AS2

Max Flash frames per second: FPS 24

Flash must include a backup GIF/JPG up to 40k or less max.

Note: Do NOT hardcode URL into flash

Print Ads: Hartford Business Journal

Special Note: The Hartford Business Journal Weekly Paper is untrimmed, therefore there are no bleed ads allowed.


EMAIL ADS TO and CC your account representative.

PRINT ADS QUICK CHECKLIST (see more details below)
✓Prefer Hi-res PRINT READY PDFs with all fonts embedded
✓Hi-res 300 dpi jpgs or tiffs accepted
✓At least 300 dpi on images/photos
✓No spot colors or PMS colors (please convert to CMYK)
✓No RGB Images (convert to CMYK)
✓No CMYK Black text or CMYK Black borders (should be 100% K only)
✓Max total ink density 220% (C+M+Y+K)

Materials due dates
All ad materials are due to production the the day after the advertising closing date. See the "Ad Planning Calendar" link to determine your materials due dates.

Printing process
Web Offset. Expect 10-20% press gain on colors. If you are unfamiliar with Newsprint reproduction, Please see Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) Download the latest edition of the SNAP Cold Set Printing Standards from the website below.

Ink Density
Color density (total amount of ink applied to darkest area of your ad) should not exceed 220%.
(example: 90%C, 10%M, 10%Y, 20%K = 130% total ink density)

Sending Digital Files
PDF Ads can be e-mailed to, sent on CD to your account representative, or uploaded to our FTP website. Email with your request for our FTP information. (NO PAGEMAKER, MSWORD or QUARK FILES ACCEPTED) DO NOT include any RGB graphics in your layouts. We can only accept CMYK images. Line Art or Logos: EPS preferred.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) only. Mode: Grayscale for black & white ads. CMYK (not RGB) for 4-color ads. Resolution: at least 2 times line screen. NO WEB PHOTOS PLEASE.
Line Screen: Interior/Uncoated Cover: 100
Line Screen: Coated Stock Cover (special pubs): 150
Line Screen: Book of Lists interior pages 133

Resolution & Color
Files should be built in 4-color (CMYK) breakdown with high resolution scans in place at 100%, no less than 200 dpi, (266 for Book of Lists). JPEG, GIF files, 72 DPI or low-resolution images pulled from internet cannot be accepted. No Pantone/PMS, RGB or indexed colors can be used in submitted files. Printing is Web offset on uncoated stock with cyan, magenta, yellow, black ink. We strive to match our client's color specifications but cannot guarantee a perfect match.

PDF Files:
DO NOT use any RGB images.
Embed ALL FONTS or, you can eliminate fonts by "creating outlines" on all text (be sure to do this to any registration/crop mark shells as well).
Under "job options" in Acrobat Distiller make sure color & grayscale images are downsampled at at least 200 dpi, monochrome bitmap at at least 600 dpi

Logos preferred in VECTOR format: .eps Illustrator CS3 or .WMF VECTOR. We also accept .TIFF, .JPG, & .BMP files at hi-resolution, 300 dpi. but be advised these are pixel-based image formats, and if you have the vector version it will print much better. NO WEB LOGOS PLEASE.


Fine Rules and Small Type:
Reproduce as one-color (except yellow) only all rules that are 4 point and thinner and small type (defined as sans-serif type that is smaller than 7 points, serif type that is 12 points and smaller, and fine-serif type such as Bodoni that is 14 points and smaller). Use sans-serif type.

Reversed Rules and Type:
Do not reverse out of a single color background any type that is smaller than 10 points. Text reversed out of a color background should be 12 points or larger in size. Serif type and fine-serif type should not be reversed at sizes smaller than 12 points. Reverse type should not be positioned within screened areas containing less than a 70% screen comprised of any color. Type should not be reversed in a yellow or other light-colored background.

Screened Text:
Do not screen type styles with serifs or with a fine to medium weight. Text screened at 80% or more will reproduce as a solid.

Surprinted Type and Tints:
When overprinting rules or type on a tint background use a tint value of not more than 25%. Create these tints keeping mechanical dot gain on press in mind.

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