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This year marks the 21st anniversary of our annual Book of Lists, and we've added a small new addition to mark the occasion.

As you comb through the 48 lists included in this year's book, you'll notice fact boxes have been added to nearly a dozen pages. In an attempt to provide more context and insight to a few of our lists, the fact boxes highlight significant changes that occurred in some of our rankings and data.

In the engineering firm's list, for example, we've highlighted the fact that Meriden-based BL Companies experienced a noticeable 32 percent increase in its local licensed staffing over the last year. We've also highlighted changes in our accounting and law firms, in-state banks, and colleges lists, among others. If you find this extra data useful, let us know and we'll expand on it for next year's book.

Speaking of 2015, the Book of Lists publication date is being pushed back to December, giving us extra time to think of ways to improve and add new features to the product. If you have any ideas or suggestions please suggest them. We always appreciate reader feedback.

Meantime, for a second straight year, we asked readers to pick the cover of our Book of Lists through an online poll. The effort is part of Hartford Business Journal's goal of finding new and innovative ways to engage readers both in print and online. The cover—a photo of the Hartford skyline— was one of three designs voted on by HBJ readers.

Our sincere hope is that you will use this book as a reference guide, a one-stop-shop business resource. The industry listings, contacts, and vital statistics contained in these pages will assist you in your daily business decisions.

Thank you to all the companies that shared updated and/or new information with us this year. Ultimately, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the lists is only as good as the information supplied by those who have chosen to participate.

I'd also like to thank Roger Magnus, our research director, and his assistant Heide Martin, who worked diligently putting together the lists in this year's book. If you have an idea for a new list or have other suggestions and ideas, please share them with Roger at

You also can find this collection of lists on our website.


— Greg Bordonaro


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  • Largest Credit Unions in Connecticut
  • Largest In-state Banks
  • Largest Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Connecticut Innovations Loans Activity
  • Export-Import Loans
  • Small Business Loans
  • Largest Out of State Banks in Connecticut


  • Largest Connecticut Colleges and Universities
  • Graduate Programs
  • Largest MBA Programs in Connecticut
  • Community Colleges
  • Non Profit Education Executive's comp


  • Highest Paid Executives in the Hartford Region
  • Highest Paid state workers in CT
  • Largest Chambers of Commerce in the Hartford Region
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Minority Owned Businesses
  • Largest Employers in Region
  • Wealthiest Zip Codes in Hartford Region
  • Wealthiest Zip Codes in CT
  • Top Publicly Traded Companies in the Hartford Region


  • Business Champions- Fastest Growing Private Companies nominated
  • BPTWin Connecticut, Large Category
  • BPTW in Connecticut, Sm/Med Category


  • Assisted Living Facilities in the Hartford Region
  • NIH Grants
  • HMOs
  • Largest General Hospitals in the Hartford Region
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities


  • Largest Hotels in the Hartford Region
  • Largest Banquet Venues in Connecticut
  • Toughest Public Golf Courses
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Largest Entertainment Venues


  • Largest Law Firms in the Hartford Region
  • Largest Employment law firms
  • Largest Insurance Companies in the Hartford Region
  • Largest Accounting Firms in the Hartford Region
  • Largest Employee Benefits Consultants in the Hartford Region
  • Lobbying Firms
  • Office Furniture
  • Top Advertising & PR Agencies in the Hartford Region


  • Largest Architectural Firms in the Hartford Region
  • Largest Department of Transportation Projects in Connecticut
  • Largest Commercial Property Sales
  • Largest Commercial Property Managers
  • Largest Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Greater Hartford Residential Real Estate Sales
  • CT Residential Real Estate Sales
  • Largest Engineering Firms in Hartford Region


  • Largest Patent Producing Firms in CT
  • NASA Contracts
  • Defense Contracts
  • Largest Manufacturing Companies in Hartford Region
  • Venture Capital Deals


  • Largest Non profits
  • Private Foundations
  • Community Foundations
  • Nonprofit Compensation executives comp


  • Top LEED certified buildings in CT
  • Largest Electricity Suppliers
  • Power Plants
  • Largest Brownfields in CT


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This year's collection of data is also available online. In some cases space has prevented us from running our entire list in print; but all the lists can be downloaded in their entirety as Excel spreadsheets from the HBJ List Central page.

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