Wealth Management

Our region of the country is one of the most affluent. In a recent reader survey, our readers are substantially above the average household income and the average net worth. Are we taking care of our money? What is the best way to manage our wealth? Issues around estate planning, tax implications, the timing of retirement, and all the special circumstances are important to consider.

As you ponder the answers to these questions it should also be pointed out that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. When it comes to Wealth Management, this cliché is certainly true. The management of wealth and the decisions around the accumulation and maintenance is territory for experts not for novices or experimentation. There are as many opinions as there are options in the BEST ways to protect, grow, and maintain wealth. What is your philosophy? Do you want to protect your wealth? Do you want to grow it? Or do you want to maintain it? Depending on many factors, the strategies and tools will be dramatically different.

This issue of Wealth Management offers experts an opportunity to share their expertise with HBJ readers.

Our region is filled with experts ready to help you in your personal and business wealth planning. We wish you a healthy and successful 2013.

— Gail Lebert, Publisher, Hartford Business Journal

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