Economic Forecast 2014-2015


This year Hartford Business Journal has rebranded and retooled our end-of-year publication into a full-fledged economic forecast that will help inform the region's business, civic and nonprofit leaders as they plan and strategize for 2015.

In the pages that follow, prominent local, regional and national economists and business executives will provide economic forecasts covering various industries including: real estate, health care, energy, manufacturing, banking and finance, and education.
Each industry section also takes a look back at some of the major stories and events of 2014 that not only drew our reader's attention, but had a significant impact on the competitive landscape. The look back is important because the only way to figure out where the region's economy is headed is to remember where it has already been.
We'd like to thank all of our contributors to the publication. Their invaluable insights will help shed light on where Connecticut's and Greater Hartford's economy is headed in 2015 and beyond.
We are always interested in reader feedback so let us know what you think about the Economic Forecast.
Good luck in 2015!
Greg Bordonaro

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