Hartford Business Journal 20 Years of Business News History

20 Years Of Connecting Business To Business

This publication marks the 20th anniversary of the Hartford Business Journal. Yet, the content is not about HBJ. It is a narrative looking back at the past and looking forward to the future of the entire business community. It is a chronicle of the accomplishments and challenges over the last 20 years. It is about the future and what leaders in our community see that will shape our current view, and anticipate the future.
Many of us have spent hours and hours looking through the archives of our past issues. Three themes emerge:

• Our region has become more diverse;
• We have risen above many challenges;
• We have visionaries who help see and dream for the future.

We work every day to deliver news, business information and connections to the marketplace. We have a passion about this region that we share with local business owners and leaders. We don't think a lot about Des Moines, or Providence, or Grand Rapids or Las Vegas. Instead, we focus on the 61 towns around the capital city, and decisions that affect the entire state. We focus on Hartford — Mark Twain's city, and Ella Grasso's city, and Samuel Colt's city, and Mayor Peters' city.

Since many of you know us by our BY THE NUMBERS or LISTS, I'd like to use that format to thank so many people who have made this an amazing 20 years.

First, thank you to our loyal audience. Without you we would have no reason to get up in the morning. We thrive on interaction with our print and on line readers, with our event attendees, award winners, and nominators.

Second, thank you to our clients. One of the rewards of this "look back" is to see how many companies have grown with us. Many businesses we wrote about in the early years are now using our products to build their business.

Third, thank you to the many groups and associations who have partnered with us to focus on ideas and events. We have always operated on the belief that one plus one equals three when it comes to working with others.

Fourth, thank you to the many members of business community who give us information, perspective and scoops. Without you, news doesn't happen.

Fifth, thank you to our own HBJ team of dedicated and passionate editors, reporters, designers, account managers and project managers, both past and present. In our current team of 20 people, we have more than 155 years of business experience working at the Hartford Business Journal.

Yes, readers, clients, community, and our team have all been working together to bring each other the best in business. We are friends, colleagues, and want what's best for the Hartford region. What a great passion that we share together.

Now I invite you to read on. We are sure that you will find memories in these pages that you had forgotten all about, and maybe a thought or two about where we are heading. With over 20 years of material, we may have missed something that stands out to you. As always, I welcome your feedback. We are an organization devoted to innovation. We welcome your ideas on how to continue to deliver strong business connections. We look forward to serving the business people of this wonderful place that we are so proud to call home — for many years to come.

– Gail Lebert, Publisher, Hartford Business Journal


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