Grocery chain invests in efficiency upgrades

BY Matt Pilon

Grocery chain Geissler's Supermarket said it's investing in efficiency upgrades to improve efficiency across its seven stores.

Geissler said it aims to save $350,000 annually and reduce its electricity use by nearly one-third.

With its contractor, Massachusetts-based World Energy Efficiency Services, Geissler said it has already cut its energy use at its Windsor store by 28 percent by installing LED lighting and controls, new refrigeration equipment, and variable frequency drives and HVAC controls.

Work is ongoing at the Geissler's in Agawam, Mass., and WEES is performing energy audits on the remaining five stores.

WEES helped Geissler's access incentives from Energize Connecticut's Small Business Energy Advantage program to do the work. The incentive is for half of the project cost, with interest-free financing.