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Which casino proposal site is better for Connecticut?

ric bee

09/27/17 AT 01:19 PM
The Indians won't be allowed to build unless they incorporate differently. Luckily Ganim won't get his either,since the Tribes won't allow it.

09/27/17 AT 01:18 PM
Connecticut does not need another casino so no site is a good site.

09/27/17 AT 08:26 AM
East Windsor site will cause dangerous traffic backups on 91 N

09/26/17 AT 08:33 AM
Neither. The last thing CT needs is another casino

09/26/17 AT 08:33 AM
Neither. The social and economic costs of casinos outweigh any positives. Please visit

09/26/17 AT 08:33 AM
Neither, Casino gaming should not be expanded in Connecticut.

09/26/17 AT 08:33 AM
Bridgeport's site while attractive in its physical proximity to Long Island Sound is run by a former convicted felon who is not to be trusted.

09/26/17 AT 08:32 AM
Bridgeport is too far to travel
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