Greater Hartford office features that stand out

Cashman + Katz
Many innovative office spaces in Greater Hartford had one or two features that were truly unique.

Here are a few that stood out:

It's no surprise Glastonbury communications firm Cashman + Katz knows something about creativity. Its octagon-shaped office features a unique video production studio and green room along with a one-way glass, closed-circuit viewing room for focus groups.

Hartford nonprofit developer CIL's office is located in a former Colt manufacturing warehouse on Charter Oak Avenue in Hartford. CIL redeveloped the once-dilapidated eyesore into an office building that still maintains its historic character.

Just off Route 195, a short drive from UConn's Storrs campus, is a non-descript building that houses research and advisory firm Nerac Inc. But the building also seconds as a tech incubator, home to an eclectic array of technology startups, several of which got their start at UConn.

Office furniture seller OFI allows employees to customize their workspaces through adaptable furniture settings. The movable office furniture also allows for common areas to be turned into versatile and multi-functional spaces for brainstorming and creativity.