Willis Towers Watson

Headquarters: State House Square, Hartford

Employees: 100 in Hartford

The Hartford office of New York global insurance advisor Willis Towers Watson is a strategic tool for collaboration with white floors, modern finishes, and open spaces that have increased functionality. The office also promotes a regional feel by featuring local landmarks and authors in its design.

Employees aren't chained to a single desk; they can move around the space, with their technology in tow. There is a mixture of seating in the space: "touch-down" (flex space), assigned desks, collaboration space, meeting and telephone rooms. There are public spaces with couches and chairs, including bar-height seating in both the kitchen and work areas.

There are also "neighborhoods," where teams are based, however employees are free to find a spot to work anywhere in the office. All desk seating offers pneumatic desks that may go up or down for a seated or standing work area to improve ergonomics. Staff also have access to lockers to store personal items.

The kitchen area boasts an arcade table, so that associates may blow off steam while at work, and two giant TV screens in the main conference room (aptly called the Twain room) allow connectivity with other offices, encouraging networking globally throughout the firm. Perkins + Will helped with the office design.