Greater Hartford's most innovative office spaces

If you haven't noticed, the office workspace is changing, in some cases in very dramatic ways.

The high-walled cubicle is largely a thing of the past, particularly among redesigned office layouts. Many companies are using open, flexible and collaborative spaces to encourage teamwork and communication.

Offices are also becoming brighter both in color schemes and with the amount of natural light they allow in. Fun is increasingly being incorporated into many office cultures.

Whether it's a foosball or pool table, or a popcorn machine and keg in the conference room, companies are creating spaces within their offices that allow, even encourage, employees to socialize and decompress.

Shared office or co-working spaces are also becoming more popular.

In an effort to showcase some of the region's most innovative office spaces, Hartford Business Journal for a second straight year asked Greater Hartford companies to submit photos and explanations of a-typical workspaces. We received 20 submissions and are highlighting some of them in the pages that follow.

Although known as the Land of Steady Habits, Connecticut has many companies redefining the modern office space, incorporating new designs and features that not only aim to give the office an innovative look, but also to enhance productivity and communication to create a competitive advantage.

We hope the office spaces we highlight provide ideas for how to reshape your own work environment.

Greg Bordonaro, Hartford Business Journal Editor

Here are the office spaces that caught our attention. Click the link to view:

Adams and Knight Inc.

CME Associates Inc.

Freed Marcroft

Friar Architecture Inc.

i-Health Inc., a division of DSM

IT Direct

The Pita Group


Shipman & Goodwin LLP

The 224 EcoSpace

Upward Hartford

Willis Towers Watson

Greater Hartford office features that stand out