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Are you optimistic or pessimistic about CT's economy in 2018?

01/03/18 AT 08:28 AM
Since the state continues to live beyond it's means and still spends money it does not have the only choice is Pessimistic.

ric bee

01/03/18 AT 08:27 AM
I am a virtual Pollyanna,but can only see Corrupticut sinking into the Deep Blue sea.


01/03/18 AT 08:27 AM
Federal will continue to recover while Ct hurts from poor leadership and lack of direction


01/03/18 AT 08:27 AM
Connecticut has a long road ahead of it. Politicians will not do what needs to be done. They never have and they never will, only when forced to do so. it is human nature. That is why history always repeats itself. Government will always try to save itself at the expense of the people.

01/03/18 AT 08:26 AM
Connecticut will continue to suffer from the malaise that it has created for itself. State leaders have no plan to re-engage economic development and legacy OPEB liabilities will continue to plague the budget. High earners will continue to flee the state in droves. No inspiration in sight.
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