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Will the new federal tax reforms help or hurt Connecticut in the long run?

01/16/18 AT 08:35 AM
It is raising awareness of the fact that CT's property tax rate is way out of whack compared to most of the US, if you doubt that go on Trulia and look at the property taxes on the homes for sale in most places. That means long term CT will need to address it or they will see more and more people calling other states home. So the answer depends on which way CT decides to go - pretend it is not that bad = hurt, acknowledge the problem and try to fix it = help.

01/16/18 AT 08:35 AM
They should help force Connecticut to get its fiscal house in order. No more tax deductions for such a high tax state. People are moving out. I plan to in the next three years. Hopefully I can sell my house to someone who wants to stay here.

01/16/18 AT 08:35 AM
Too soon to tell......ask again in 6 months!

01/16/18 AT 08:35 AM
More people exiting from the state especially higher earns
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