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Should CRDA use eminent domain to acquire a key, privately owned block of the XL Center?

ric bee

06/04/18 AT 12:22 PM
The head of CDRA should be fired for even proposing it.

05/31/18 AT 04:20 PM
Needs to happen! Space in front of the XL Center has been underutilized for YEARS

05/31/18 AT 02:51 PM
Yes. This makes the XL Center more marketable.

05/29/18 AT 03:56 PM
I think the eminent domain that Dick Blumenthal lead in New London was terrible for property owners and the flavor is still sour with Connecticut residents. The privately owned block of the XL Center should be dealt with as a business venture because our city should gain added value from the investment.

05/29/18 AT 03:56 PM
Let whoever buys it negotiate that if needed

05/29/18 AT 03:56 PM
much better use than a town taking private homes for commercial development


05/29/18 AT 01:12 PM
Go thru the court.

05/29/18 AT 01:12 PM
Yes, Northland is an out of town landlord that does not want to be a part of Hartford's growth.
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