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Should lawmakers allow CT Lottery to sell its games online?

ric bee

06/08/18 AT 09:04 AM
Why not, there may be a few more dollars Corrupticut can squeeze out of the ignorant

06/05/18 AT 07:56 AM
Why not, no one wants to leave their chair (mobile device) anymore.

ric bee

06/04/18 AT 03:59 PM
The Corrupticut Lottery is a terrible ripoff of the ignorant

06/04/18 AT 03:59 PM
No. This organization continues to prove itself not trustworthy. Shouldn't happen.

06/04/18 AT 01:35 PM
Law makers should focus on making Ct a better place to live and do business. With out a friendly business climate CT will continue its down hill slide. Get rid of useless regulations and lighten restricting laws that hinder growth.
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