Study: Hartford-area brands listed in nation's top 100

BY Joe Cooper

PHOTO | Spectrum
PHOTO | Spectrum
Three Hartford-area companies ranked in the top 130 for most valued brands in the U.S., according to a recent study.

The annual study by Brand Finance named Stamford telecommunications company Spectrum, valued at $13.4 billion, as Connecticut's most valuable brand, followed by Hartford-based health insurer Aetna, valued at $9.3 billion.

Brand Finance says Spectrum's brand ranks No. 49 nationally, although it fell six spots in the rankings vs. 2017 when the brand was valued at $15.7 billion.

Connecticut ranked No. 10 in the nation for its aggregated brand value, including 19 companies in the list's top 500 brands, according to the study.

The study assesses brand value as the total economic benefit a brand owner would collect by licensing the brand in the open market.

According to the study, Subway, headquartered in Milford, is the state's third most valuable brand, at $8 billion. Aetna ranks No. 62 nationally and Subway is No. 78.

Trailing is Bloomfield health insurer Cigna's $6.9 billion brand ranked No. 96 in the nation, and ESPN's $5.3 billion brand at No. 130. Both companies jumped about 30 spots since last year's rankings.

In addition to evaluating brand value, the study also measures brand strength, factoring marketing investment, customer familiarity, staff satisfaction and corporation reputation.

Brand Finance named ESPN as Connecticut's strongest brand, while its owners, the Walt Disney Co., ranked No. 1 nationally.

The nation's most valuable brands include Amazon ($150.8 billion), Apple ($146.3 billion), Google ($120.9 billion), Facebook ($89.6 billion), AT&T ($82.4 billion) , Microsoft ($81.1 billion), Verizon ($62.8 billion) and Walmart ($61.4 billion), respectively.

The technology sector compromised 30 percent, or $977 billion, of the total brand value in the top 500.

"A strong and valuable brand tends to deliver superior business performance. In periods of prosperity, strong brands serve as a launching pad for growth, equally, in times of crisis, they provide buoyancy to the business," said Laurence Newell, director of Brand Finance North America.