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Is CT's goal to divert 60% of its waste through recycling smart public policy?

06/28/18 AT 04:08 PM
If the residents are willing to pay for it. It's environmentally good policy and it needs to be economically sustainable

ric bee

06/26/18 AT 09:44 AM
Probably not,since Corrupticut does not enforce the recycling laws it now has.This is just grandstanding to no avail except to look good.


06/26/18 AT 09:44 AM
Most of this will end up in landfills or incinerated anyway at high cost. Modern engineered landfills are inexpensive and significant energy recovery from self generated methane is typical.

06/25/18 AT 02:00 PM
Then what?

06/25/18 AT 02:00 PM
Yes it is however with China reducing the amount of recycled materials it will accept it might make it impossible to reach this goal without finding new outsource locations.

06/25/18 AT 02:00 PM
Yes-And giving folks financial rewards for clean, useable recycling (like is currently done with bottles/cans)should be explored.

06/25/18 AT 02:00 PM
As long as there are markets in which to sell the recycled waste. Otherwise, it is a better use to incinerate the waste and produce energy.
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