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Will you watch professional soccer at Dillon Stadium?

07/16/18 AT 04:32 PM
Bringing another team to Hartford will be a great boost in foot traffic for Hartford businesses especially restaurants. The venue could also be used for other events.

07/16/18 AT 12:12 PM
Given soccer's popularity in the Hartford market and the careful vetting of development partners, Dillon's renovation is likely to draw big crowds like DD Stadium with the added benefits of a swift construction timeline and minimal budget.

07/16/18 AT 04:32 PM
Probably but, I haven't been to a Yard Goat game yet.

07/18/18 AT 03:59 PM
Will be important to the success that tailgating is welcome

07/16/18 AT 12:12 PM
Not a soccer fan, but I hope the team and Dillon are as successful as the Goats/DDPark.

07/16/18 AT 04:33 PM
Not interested in soccer. I hope those who are will attend though.


07/19/18 AT 11:35 AM
Put deposits down for two season tickets!
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