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Can Hartford become a hub for insurance technology (insurtech) startups?

Dr. Rob

07/26/18 AT 09:59 AM
If the question was asked 15 years ago, my answer would have been a definitive YES, absolutely!

ric bee

07/25/18 AT 04:01 PM
Probably not, but miracles happen every day, especially in the Shooting Star.

07/24/18 AT 08:09 AM
It already is

07/24/18 AT 08:09 AM
Blockchain Technology is perfect for the insurance industry.

07/24/18 AT 08:09 AM
If Connecticut invests in internet capabilities.

07/24/18 AT 08:09 AM
Of course -- all the elements are here.

07/24/18 AT 08:09 AM
Hartford used to known as "The Insurance Capital."

07/23/18 AT 04:04 PM
I doubt it, we are losing too many of our young people.

07/23/18 AT 12:00 PM
YES! After all Hartford is the insurance capital!
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