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Do you plan to visit MGM's new Springfield casino in the next six months?

ric bee

08/09/18 AT 09:34 AM
I'll take the new train directly there as will,I bet,many other Hartfordites.

08/07/18 AT 07:35 AM
Just drove by it today, looks great- will check it out

08/06/18 AT 03:11 PM
I'm not as gambler but, if they have good shows and food, I'll definitely make a trip up. Would be a great side trip during the Big E.

08/06/18 AT 03:11 PM
Gambling destroys small businesses and the communities as it takes so much disposable income from too many low wage earners.

08/06/18 AT 03:11 PM
I work too hard to waste my money gambling.

08/06/18 AT 03:11 PM
No. Navigation and parking is to difficult in Springfield. Mohegan or Foxwoods is much easier to get to.

08/06/18 AT 03:11 PM
Yes! I will take the new direct rail service to Springfield. I and many others will never look at or stop in at East Windsor, if it ever happens!
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