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Does CT have a need for a mega-sports complex like the one pitched in W. Locks?


08/17/18 AT 01:43 PM
There is currently a four season sports complex across the river in East Windsor.

08/14/18 AT 07:57 AM
Yes, Build it and they will come!

08/14/18 AT 07:57 AM
If it is needed, they will find financing. If it can only be done with government support? It is not needed.

08/13/18 AT 02:47 PM
there is a failed sports complex in Vernon right off the highway, its a waste of money.

08/13/18 AT 01:10 PM
Yes, as long as it is PRIVATELY FUNDED.

08/13/18 AT 12:37 PM
I can't imagine the economics working in favor of this proposal. I hope there isn't a large state/city outlay; let the private developer take all the risk.
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