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Who will be Connecticut’s next governor?

08/20/18 AT 08:32 PM
Bob is our only hope but faces an uphill battle with a biased media and huge difference in registered Democrats vs republicans

08/23/18 AT 12:04 PM
Can't support B.S. who didn't exercise his civic duty to vote for 16 years! Let's make CT the land of Oz.

08/20/18 AT 03:38 PM
Independents want to vote for an Independent. And we are the majority "party"

08/21/18 AT 02:25 PM
I'm not sure about any of them, but don't like how Stefanowski made his money on the backs of the people who can least afford it, w/ payday loans.

08/20/18 AT 12:02 PM
I think folks have had it with the Tax

08/20/18 AT 08:32 PM
Oz would be our best Governor!

08/20/18 AT 03:38 PM
We are too tax burdened in CT. Time to change this. I see too many people leaving the state and certainly understand why.

08/23/18 AT 04:16 PM
As much as I'd like to see a Republican Governor, I tend to think CT voters once again will go with a tax and spend leader. They tend to spin a better vision of Connecticut and voters eat it up.

08/20/18 AT 12:53 PM
Oz Griebel is the superior candidate, with the expertise and w/o the political baggage of being aligned with either party.

08/20/18 AT 12:53 PM
If Lamont, CT has no chance of recovering. It is questionable as it is possible, but we can't have more of the same.
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