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Are apprenticeships a worthwhile workforce-development tool?

09/04/18 AT 04:25 PM
You can't pass on institutional knowledge without structured training. Apprenticeships do that.

09/04/18 AT 12:43 PM
More secondary school guidance counselors should promote the skilled craftsman trades! For so long they have looked down on anyone not going to college. We need these skilled people and the earnings in most cases exceed college graduates!

09/04/18 AT 12:42 PM
Apprenticeship programs for the specialty skilled construction trades i.e. mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection are now and always have been the backbone of the trade's futures. These skills are available with or without college education backgrounds. The idea that it is one or the other is wrong and that myth needs to be dispelled. Many successful trades people have college experience and even degrees prior to entering apprenticeships.
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