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Is Congressman John Larson's multi-billion-dollar Hartford tunnel plan a smart potential investment?

09/26/18 AT 04:40 PM
It is a smart, visionary idea. However, it is not a smart investment at this time because we do not have

09/25/18 AT 10:23 AM
What happens when there is a traffic accident in the tunnel that blocks all lanes?

09/25/18 AT 10:23 AM
It will work as long as there is a $20.00 toll to use it, otherwise it's yet another foolish waste of my money.

09/25/18 AT 10:22 AM
Connecticut needs a comprehensive transportation plan and must stop creating huge projects in a vacuum. Unless and until the state does both comprehensive economic and strategic planning; it can't possibly create a functional transportation plan. The proposed project would further Balkanize Hartford.

09/24/18 AT 02:30 PM
It would be a huge waste of money and a traffic headache for years to come!

09/24/18 AT 02:07 PM
What positive result would come out of building this tunnel other than keeping union workers happy and Larson getting his name on the tunnel. Hartford needs above-ground traffic to see its downtown skyline to draw people in. Mr. Larson needs to know that we don't need to spend billions to gain more above-ground real estate; Hartford's real estate demand is just not there, as can be seen by all of the empty lots in and around downtown. Spend the money on making this state more competitive for business and maybe then demand will increase.

09/24/18 AT 01:21 PM
It's time for CT to move forward with a plan like this. This has the potential to transform Hartford.

09/24/18 AT 12:37 PM
We need to focus on what matters if we are going to fix things here. At the rate we are going, we won't have enough people earning enough to pay for all of the spending and debt. Perhaps what we need is a true crisis in order to force change instead of everyone telling us why we can't afford to make change.

09/24/18 AT 12:36 PM
Cost will double before it gets completed. Money better spent on a beltway.

09/24/18 AT 12:36 PM
look at Boston before the big dig and after, much better now
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