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Can CT balance its next two-year budget, projected to have a $4 billion-plus deficit, without raising taxes?

10/12/18 AT 10:45 AM
It makes no difference. With no effort to reduce spending (and no politicians have the guts to do what's necessary to dig out of this hole), CT will continue to hemorrhage businesses, jobs and population to states who have figured that out. Even moving as close as MA brings benefits.

10/12/18 AT 10:45 AM
Stop spending money you don't have and cut spending! Taxes drive spending, not the other way around.

ric bee

10/11/18 AT 10:26 AM
Lamont couldn't raise taxes enough to bail out Corrupticut. Stefankowski will slash pensions

10/11/18 AT 10:25 AM
Tax revenue is up and spending can be precisely cut as to not effect state services.

10/10/18 AT 11:37 AM
If Ned Lamont wins - Connecticut will just continue the Death Spiral

10/09/18 AT 11:36 AM
Connecticut will continue to spend more than it takes from the people, or business as usual
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