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Should UConn Health merge with another hospital or hospital system?

10/24/18 AT 04:44 PM
Without question, UConn Health needs to merge with another hospital/System. The refrains from those using the new and newly renovated Hospital facilities are much the same unanimously: These Doctors/nurses/aids are woefully understaffed and stretched to the limit. It's a joke to get an appointment and have to wait a half to an hour plus past the scheduled time to see the doctor. Confidence in the staff and system and UConn Health is dwindling and patients are looking elsewhere... Merge and rebuild UConn to what it was before all the bells and whistles were added to the decor!

10/24/18 AT 09:25 AM
No! We have enough medical system mergers as it is, and I have yet to see how it benefits the patients.

10/23/18 AT 11:27 AM
No. This is the most expensive health system in the state. UCONN is an undesirable partner unless/until it can get its labor rate under control. This delivery system doesn't have a clear strategic plan and provides inconsistent and non integrated services at the highest cost. Healthcare is finally starting to move from fee for service to value based arrangements that stress low cost and high quality. UCONN is ill equipped to compete in this new world.

10/23/18 AT 11:26 AM
We don't need another health care conglomerate

10/22/18 AT 12:58 PM
We need to start approaching the challenges we have with a fresh perspective, as if we were starting from scratch and without the confines of what we have done previously.
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