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Should taxpayers stake a plan to convert Hartford Regional Market into a higher-profile tourist attraction?

10/29/18 AT 04:25 PM
Aren't the taxpayers already footing the 1/2 Billion bailout of Hartford?

10/29/18 AT 02:12 PM
NO! Connecticut has proven they are not a tourist state, can't keep the rest area restrooms open to attract tourist. Our politicians are to ignorant to lease the rest areas to a restaurant or gas station. Connecticut can then make money off them plus encourage tourism.

10/29/18 AT 01:06 PM
Marketplaces can be a big draw for locals and visitors alike. Can highlight local products, create better outlet for local food/beverage producers, can generate income.

10/29/18 AT 01:05 PM
why would tourists go to buy fruits, plants and veggies? It's not exactly in the touristy part of town either
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