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Should UConn build a $45 million ice rink in Storrs for its men’s and women’s hockey teams?

11/06/18 AT 03:59 PM
i think the money could be well used elsewhere!

11/06/18 AT 12:48 PM

11/06/18 AT 12:48 PM
How about updating the heating and cooling systems in the music department buildings for the academic side of the school? And working washers and dryers for dorm students?


11/06/18 AT 12:48 PM
Use the civic center

11/06/18 AT 12:47 PM
why not build it in East Hartford next to the Football Stadium?

11/06/18 AT 12:47 PM
UConn's US News ranking slipped because of their financial situation, but they want to waste precious reserve fund dollars on this.

11/06/18 AT 12:47 PM
Hartford downtown needs the business!

11/06/18 AT 12:47 PM
Should they? No. Will be a fun environment? Most likely. I enjoy going to games in Hartford but the arena is too big and can feel empty at times.

11/05/18 AT 07:00 PM
They should consider building it behind Rentschler Field where the outlet mall was going to be built, and team up with some investors to build a ice rink capable of hosting an NHL team for Connecticut. The rink can be shared with the professional NHL team, UCONN, and the public for youth interests such as ice skating, youth hockey, or Olympic hopefuls in training. This will free up Hartford to do what they need to do with the Hartford XL Center in the coming years to either demolish it and start over, or upgrade it for different purposes. - Christine

11/05/18 AT 03:46 PM
No. Invest that $ in the XL Center for these teams.
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