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Will Opportunity Zones be a significant economic-development tool in CT?

12/05/18 AT 03:05 PM
No venture's involving capital will succeed in a state structured to defeat capitalism and cater to the poor

11/27/18 AT 12:32 PM
But I don't like how it seems towns make so many concessions to get companies to locate to their towns. It seems counter-intuitive.

Kelly Ricciardi

11/27/18 AT 12:32 PM
This will be yet another idea that sounds great on paper but will leave much to be desired in the real world

11/26/18 AT 01:55 PM
Until the new administrator proposes a definitive plan for extricating Connecticut from economic malaise; nothing is going to inspire sustainable businesses to invest in Connecticut. Opportunity zones are for short term incentives.

11/26/18 AT 12:26 PM
So a developer gets tax shelters. The cities and state still need to collect money to operate. This means that everyone else will need to shoulder this burden. Look at where these zones are! Not very economically industrious areas!
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