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Can Hartford become an East Coast tech hub?

12/10/18 AT 05:32 PM
High Crime, bankrupt city, Higher Taxes, possible Tolls, ridiculous regulations, fees, traffic, lousy transportation including snail pace construction at Bradley International.

12/10/18 AT 03:31 PM
Too much competition! Every state/region/town thinks it will be the next "green"

12/10/18 AT 02:21 PM
CT cannot move forward with its monolithic political system. Once competition of ideas are allowed to permeate, the economic straight-jacket could loosen and we can begin to compete for businesses. It won't happen under our current political arrangements.

12/10/18 AT 02:21 PM
why not? We have smart up and comers, and schools that teach all the tech subjects should be able to happen.

12/10/18 AT 02:21 PM
Yes, but it will take a big broadband investment
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