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Did the Malloy administration hurt or help Connecticut's economic competitiveness?

12/20/18 AT 12:31 PM
I'm not sure if Malloy intentionally ran the State of Ct into the ground, or through ignorance. But today's headline of expanding tolls to all motorist in Ct comes as no shock by Ned Malloy-Lamont ("The Sequel")

12/17/18 AT 05:51 PM
Policies have hurt the ecosystem needed to draw talent, youth and business. High cost of living is the result of all of the various overhead items that get put on the backs of all. People are opting for other options with less risk of being the meal ticket for CT's financial issues.

12/17/18 AT 03:50 PM
His economic failures pushed CT to the end of the list of robust state economies making the State totally uncompetitive with the rest of the Nation. In a consecutive series of robust year for our Nation CT totally missed out.

12/17/18 AT 12:50 PM
You can't put all your focus on big business. The majority of business in CT is small business. That's where the efforts need to be placed.
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