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Regulators reverse course on multi-unit solar installs

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority on Wednesday changed its mind on how much landlords of multi-unit complexes can charge tenants for power coming from a solar system or other...

Jacobs focuses on jobs, crime, education to improve economy

John Stearns |

Giselle Jacobs knows hardship. She was a teen mom, has been homeless and battered, lost a son to a genetic disorder, and saw her oldest child jailed.

Where future mfg. technology, talent intersect

Gregory Seay |

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology started in 2004 as a nonprofit research lab doing contract work for private companies and the military.

DAS team authors replacements’ manual

Gregory Seay |

With many in Connecticut's state workforce hurtling toward retirement, the construction-services legal unit within one of the state's biggest agencies has taken steps to harvest the...

CT uses patchwork approach to replace aging workforce

Gregory Seay |

As a state in a region that are both the oldest per-capita in the nation, Connecticut would appear the most likely to feature a coordinated plan to speed the transition of its aging...

Pentagon awards $445M to four CT companies

The U.S. Department of Defense late Tuesday awarded $445 million to four Connecticut companies for various military work.

Hartford ranked fifth best for growing tech industry

Greater Hartford on Thursday was named to the top five in the Up-and-Coming Cities for Tech Jobs ranking by California talent firm ZipRecruiter.

Eversource customers to see power rates decline

Residential customers of Berlin electric utility Eversource Energy who still use the default standard service rate will see a 20-percent decline on their monthly bills starting July 1.

CT small business employment growth below average

The growth in employment among Connecticut companies with 20 or fewer employees was 0.05 percent in June, well below the national average, according to California tax software company Intuit.

CI gives bioscience $1M to bridge valley of death

Quasi-public investment agency Connecticut Innovations on Wednesday provided $1 million in funding over two years for startups in the bioscience industry to traverse the so-called valley of death.

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