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Despite Capitol demonstration, some lawmakers uncertain about Tesla marketing bill

Eric Bedner | Journal Inquirer | 1

Lawmakers on Tuesday joined nearly 100 supporters of a bill that would open the state’s automobile sales market to Telsa in an effort to amp up the pressure to pass a bill that has stalled in...

Aer Lingus adds to Bradley’s lofty passenger traffic aims

Gregory Seay |

On the eve of Bradley International Airport's peak air-travel season, Connecticut's biggest air-hub is experiencing a rebirth in trans-Atlantic flights from Aer Lingus and other overseas carriers.

Rail could be key to boosting CT's ports

Q&A talks to Evan H. Matthews, who was named the first-ever executive director of the newly formed Connecticut Port Authority in September.

CT preps for driverless cars

John Stearns |

Connecticut lawmakers are considering legislation to allow testing of driverless vehicles in up to four municipalities to help the state determine how best to prepare for the cars' seemingly...

Land of Steady Habits finally addresses rules for Uber, Lyft


Connecticut acted belatedly Thursday to impose standards on Uber and Lyft, the market-disrupting, ride-sharing companies that arrived here three years ago, ignoring a regulatory structure devised for...

DEEP: Sweep wouldn’t affect pollution mitigation plans

Matt Pilon |

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s attempt to close a nearly $390 million budget hole in the current fiscal year won’t affect plans to use funds from a Volkswagen legal settlement for air-pollution...

Tesla direct car sales bill moves forward

Patricia Daddona |

The state legislative finance committee passed a controversial bill Monday that would allow Tesla to sell its luxury electric cars directly to consumers.

Study: Upgrading central CT rail could boost freight capacity

Patricia Daddona | 2

Connecticut has the ability to double its freight service capacity in central Connecticut if millions of dollars are spent repairing the system, but upgrading to passenger service is...

Spirit takes flight at Bradley tonight

Patricia Daddona | 1

The first of Spirit Airlines' flights from Bradley International Airport will arrive from Orlando, Fla., tonight and later depart as the low-cost airline begins to serve Connecticut customers.

Malloy’s economic record mixed

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy surprised few people with his announcement April 13th that he won't run for a third term.

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