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Economic Development

Optimal urban/suburban policy requires up-to-date analysis

To the Editor,

Time to abandon CT Studios project?

It's no secret economic development projects can be a tough slog in Connecticut. Whether it's attempting to build a new minor league ballpark in the Capital City, or a billion-dollar...

Deller: It's all about 'programming' Hartford

Gregory Seay |

Thomas E. Deller, the Capital City's economic-development visionary, says it's time for Hartford to deliberate the kinds of “programming'' it wants available to citizens.

Hartford builds on its 'arts, culture capital' mantle

Gregory Seay |

Finally, after decades of trying — and failing — downtown Hartford is shedding its “office park'' image.

Dawn of a new Hartford?

Check out week 1 of our five-week summer series focused on what Hartford might look like a decade from now. This week, we look at real estate and economic development.

Give the Rock Cats deal a chance


Walk into any Hartford bar or restaurant this summer and you're likely to see sparser crowds than usual.

Segarra: Hartford won’t pay $60M for Rock Cats’ stadium

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra said Friday he is backing off plans to have the city bond $60 million to build a new minor league ballpark for the New Britain Rock Cats baseball team.

Bridgewater's deal collapse signals weakness in Malloy's development strategies

Connecticut taxpayers realized $115 million in savings last week, but it wasn't thanks to some much needed state government cost cutting.

Largest chambers of commerce in the Hartford region


Hartford's Back9Network inks DirecTV deal

Hartford golf lifestyle media company Back9Network said it has signed its first TV deal with DirecTV, a major milestone that will put its content in front of a much wider audience in September.

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