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Look no further than your own backyard for investing

Valerie Dugan |

Hartford recently was named one of our nation's “up-and-coming places to live” by a ranking of the 100 most heavily-populated metro areas of the country, according to quality of life,...

The losing race against Tesla

Bruce Redman Becker and Jules Benton Becker |

Nationwide protests have erupted over the way in which corporate money, revolving-door lobbyists, and fake news are undermining our democracy in Washington. But Connecticut residents need not look...

Gov’t incentives need third-party oversight

State Comptroller Kevin Lembo is renewing his calls for better oversight of the state's economic incentives. He says the agency charged with handing out tax credits, grants and other perks shouldn't...

Nonprofit Profile: CT Conference of Independent Colleges

Cowen Tax Advisory Group of Hartford recently gave a $3,000 gift to CT Austim Speaks.United Way is...

Manufacturing not the only CT sector lacking workers

Labor shortages in Connecticut's manufacturing sector have been well publicized in recent years.

Vo-tech instructor shortage is manufacturing's next big test

Gregory Seay |

It has taken some time, but Connecticut manufacturers say Millennials are waking up to the career opportunities that await them in a sector eager to harness their skills.

Q&A: Historical Society explores CT Inc.'s innovative roots

Q&A talks with Ilene Frank, chief curator of the Connecticut Historical Society.

Manufacturers, others face growing 'ransomware,' 'phishing' attacks

Gregory Seay |

It was just after lunch on a warm day last July, when Empire Industries, a Manchester manufacturer of stainless steel products and specialty finishes, became a “ransomware'' target for the...

Higher rates lead to health plan market-share struggle

Matt Pilon |

So far this year, Avon employee-benefits firm Robert Hensley & Associates has switched 75 percent of its small business customers to a new health insurance carrier.

Q&A: Health advocate takes over in uncertain times

Q&A talks with Ted Doolittle, Connecticut's healthcare advocate.

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