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Onyx Moonshine finds niche to revive an American spirit

Von Gootkin and Pete Kowalczyk, co-founders of Onyx, can trace their moonshining lineage back to the mid-1800s in Connecticut where “Yankee shine” was made from corn and malted grains.

High-tech holiday gifts for executives

Keith Griffin |

It's that time of year most of us hate: holiday shopping for the boss and trying to figure out what to get the high-level executive who either has everything, or worse yet, is hard to please.

Amid protracted low rates, CT’s home financing slows

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut's mortgage lending market to buy or refinance a home slowed noticeably in recent years, even as interest rates — pegged to increase soon — have remained among the lowest in a...

DEEP's holiday offerings

Need a Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift for an outdoorsman? The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection can help.

Tesla renews commitment to sell in CT

Tesla Motors has renewed its call for legislation that will allow the company to sell its cars directly to Connecticut consumers.

Manage your brand channel or the channel will manage it for you

Bill Field |

It's still astonishing that many brands are overlooking their channel-branding efforts.

Hartford Sweat relaunching at 777 Main

The former Bikram Yoga studio is relocating to the 777 Main St. high-rise apartment tower just after the first of the year, the owner says.

Millennials don’t want to work in economy driving fields

When it comes to key industries driving the U.S. economy, most Millennials aren’t interested. They would rather work in the arts, technology or education.

Jepsen to Visa et. al: Improve card security

State Attorney General George Jepsen and eight of his peers from other states sent a letter Monday to major credit-card providers urging them to speed up their move away from outdated magnetic strip...

Hartford brewing hopeful launches Kickstarter campaign

Brewing upstart Hog River Brewing Co., which hopes to open in Hartford next year, launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign Tuesday seeking to raise $20,000.

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