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Light Beyond Loss

Diane Dyer

Mission: Light Beyond Loss is dedicated to providing grief support to all who suffer the loss of a loved one. Our unique approach is centered on integrating mind, body and spirit as each one of us walks a personal path towards healing. Since we know firsthand the pain that the loss of a child brings, as well as other loved ones, our vision is to offer hope, light, love and healing in a professional and loving environment. We are also committed to educating family members and friends looking for guidance in supporting someone who is grieving.

Background: Having lost a child in a car accident, one of the founding members, Diane Dyer, was looking for support and healing. She needed something that embraced her whole body, mind, spirit and her pain — something in addition to support groups and grief therapy. Another founding member, Lisa Venn, put the first Retreat for Grieving Mothers together. It was so healing and so successful, that the idea for Light Beyond Loss was born, to help all those in grief. Light Beyond Loss became a nonprofit in March 2008, providing weekend retreats and day-long seminars and workshops for individuals who are suffering the loss of a loved one. We understand that parents who are grieving have different needs than siblings, spouses, and children who are in grief. So each retreat focuses on a specific type of loss.

Our unique holistic approach will allow these individuals to share their grief and bond with others going through a similar experience, in a loving, supportive, and safe environment. Light Beyond Loss does not receive state or federal funding. It relies solely on the generosity of individual donors, corporations and civic groups to support its programs.

Our ultimate goal is to open a center that will provide holistic grief support for families, free of charge.


Diane Dyer, executive director, co-founder

Elaine Moreland, board president

Marilyn Gagner, secretary

Gloria Williams, treasurer


Sept. 24 concert in Simsbury, volunteers and raffle items needed

Birdies For Charity, volunteers to get pledges needed

Viridian Fundraiser, volunteers needed

Contact Information:

Light Beyond Loss

243 Wright Road, Canton, CT 06019

(860) 693-6847


Diane Dyer is executive director of Light Beyond Loss.

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