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UConn Family Business Program €“ Celebrating 15 Years | Published December, 2010

The UConn Family Business Program shines in the light of your stories — the stories of the brilliant and brave family firms that have persevered for generations to better Connecticut's prospects for jobs, security and well-being.

Dear Friends,
Fifteen years. Fifteen fleeting years dedicated to developing family business leaders and celebrating visionaries. How to capture it all in one publication…
How can one capture the excitement and urgency of an "a-ha" moment? How can one celebrate the quiet dawning of a new business opportunity? How can one measure the confidence acquired from lessons learned, or the dignity revealed when one musters the courage to make the difficult decisions or confront life's realities? How can one measure the contentment of seeing one's family grow and a family legacy continue? How can one measure the nothings that so oftentimes mean everything?

Clearly, we're about more than education. And we always have been.
Since our founding 15 years ago, the University of Connecticut Family Business Program has worked together with members and stakeholders to build a brand rooted in core values of integrity, quality, performance, compassion and unity. We come together with purpose — ready to perform, ready to listen, ready to engage, and ready to move your family and your business in a positive direction. This book is a tribute to those who have inspired us and bolstered our efforts to sustain family businesses throughout the state.

It's been a tremendous ride. We've gone through recessions and revivals — moving from "dial up" to "dialed in." We've celebrated births and mourned the passings of those we love. We knew you back when — and (for many) we now know your kids, too!

Our goal from the onset has been to help family businesses develop strategies and policies that will perpetuate family ownership. We've been so proud to witness those family firms who have confronted the core challenges and moved to make positive changes in their businesses — understanding, planning for, and solving the complexities associated with partnership agreements, philanthropy, estate planning, employment of family members, ownership structure, outside counsel, legacy, leadership, taxes, trusts, succession, sibling rivalry, compensation, competition, values, valuation, ethics and expectations.

At the UConn Family Business Program, we thank all who help to carry the torch for family firms — not just in Connecticut, but throughout the world. We thank our network of members, sponsors, facilitators, advisors, peers, research partners, and the Hartford Business Journal for its efforts on this publication. We express our gratitude to your employees, your communities and your families — who have come together to press on and preserve that which is so important.

Thank you for allowing us to become a part of your extended families and your lives.

With Gratitude,
Your Friends at the UConn
Family Business Program

A Legacy of Family Business: Profiles

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