July 23, 2012

Bill Moschella

AGE: 37

TITLE: CEO and Co-Founder


COMPANY'S LOCATION: Simsbury (Offices in Illinois, Florida, Ohio)


What do you do? I co-founded a company focused on supporting hospitals and healthcare organizations. We built a 2-way communications platform for patients, providers and the organizations that support them. Our lead product, HealthConnect, is a CRM/PRM solution that integrates healthcare business data across a broad range of systems. Our clients are able to identify market opportunities, measure marketing campaigns against reportable ROI and improve patient engagement. We provide tools that help healthcare organizations take a proactive approach to patient health.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years? Right now the common wisdom is that healthcare is 10 years behind other industries when it comes to engaging with consumers and leveraging social media. I think within ten years the industry will not only catch up to other market spaces, in some cases they'll find more meaningful and important ways to connect with patients and the community at large. Ten years from now I want to see eVariant as a healthcare IT company that has paved the way for cloud computing and SaaS-based healthcare software. Every patient, physician and healthcare organization conversation will run through HealthConnect's software.

What is your biggest strength? My strength is in what I value: building a comfortable, collaborative environment that people want to be a part of. I'm very aware that I'm one of many people who are responsible for making eVariant a successful growing enterprise, and I appreciate the talents and skills of my colleagues.

Where do you go for new ideas? I travel a great deal. When I'm on the road, I talk to everyone about healthcare and technology. Clients, government leaders and their staff, marketers, business development people, friends, people I meet along the way, really everyone. I'm also a tech junkie. I'm interested in every new technology: how it works, why the developers made certain choices. I'm always thinking about how one technology can be used to create something else. When I'm not developing something on a computer, I'm building it in my head.

What is the best advice you received? You have to surround yourself with great people. You have to trust them and they have to trust you. Don't micromanage. It shouldn't be lonely at the top; it should be collaborative.

What service or charitable cause has your attention? Anything health-related and anything that involves educating people; I'm inspired by organizations that take part in educating people through social collaboration. It's important to look locally, because you can see and feel the impact. A great example was this year's Hartford Hospital Black & Red Gala that raised money and awareness for women's health services.

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