July 23, 2012 | last updated July 23, 2012 7:23 am

Michael Vigeant

AGE: 38

TITLE: President

COMPANY NAME: The Center for Research, Inc.


RESIDENCE: Glastonbury

What do you do? The Center is a full service market research & public policy consulting firm serving companies of all shapes, sizes and locations here in the U.S. and internationally. My efforts are directed at ensuring client expectations are exceeded, my staff is properly trained, and the business is growing while remaining healthy.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years? My plans are to take, at that time, my 25+ years of experience in this industry, plus life experience and engage fully on the speaking circuit. Professionally, I am most alive when I am speaking to an audience and providing a message that either motivates, encourages and/or helps to solve problems. By nature, I am a person who does all he can to help those around me be the best they can be. Personally, my family will be able to join me at many of the great destinations these speaking events take place at.

What is your biggest strength? My positive attitude. As a cancer survivor who celebrated 25 years in remission on December 15, 2011, I am very aware that my positive attitude has been the number one component in both my happiness and accomplishments. Even as a 12-year-old on the day of receiving the news of my illness, I knew I had a choice to beat it or not – that was all the attitude lesson I would need and it has served me well ever since. And, while medicine ultimately had a large part in my recovery, a positive attitude and the will to survive had an even greater impact.

Where do you go for new ideas? Dairy Queen. It's amazing what your brain can come up with over a banana cream pie blizzard! And, when DQ isn't an option, I refer to Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazines.

What is the best advice you received? When things are going well, enjoy but don't take for granted; when things are not going well, stay calm and don't get too worked up. As an under 40 business owner, this has been a quiet theme for me as both sides of this spectrum get tested frequently! I've learned that consistency is so very important and also contributes to a “lead by example” mentality and culture. I'm not perfect at this by any stretch but working on it daily.

What service or charitable cause has your attention? There are a few actually, but cancer and bullying are at the top of that list. I certainly want to see the day when the disease no longer claims lives. In addition, life is tough enough without being put down by someone else. I truly worry about the impact that bullying has on our young people today. With 2 children of my own, I joined the board of Programs for Social Change to utilize my skillset and resources to help address this issue head on.

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