July 28, 2014
Summer Series: Hartford in 2024

Dawn of a new Hartford?

Photo | Steve Laschever
Photo | Steve Laschever

The Capital City is headed for major changes over the next decade with a slew of new development projects aiming to reshape downtown Hartford. Whether it's the addition of 1,000 new housing units or the arrival of UConn's West Hartford campus, Hartford may be closer than ever to becoming a more vibrant city, where people live, work, and play.

Still, many challenges and potential roadblocks exist. Over the next five weeks, Hartford Business Journal will put into perspective how this most recent development wave will change the Capital City. We'll focus on four major topics: real estate/economic development, transportation, the impact of Millennials, and entertainment.

We've asked some of the city's best and brightest minds to lend their views on where they think Hartford is headed and what the city will be like by 2024. Many are optimistic about Hartford's future; others share their concerns. Let us know what you think as this series rolls on.

– Greg Bordonaro, Editor

Real estate/economic development: Dawn of a new Hartford

Week 2: Transportation

Week 3: Entertainment/Sports

Week 4: Impact of Millennials

Week 5: Leaders' views

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