September 1, 2016 | last updated September 2, 2016 2:45 pm
Innovative Office Spaces

Greater Hartford's innovative office spaces

PHOTOs | Contributed
PHOTOs | Contributed
Adams and Knight diner.
PHOTOs | Contributed
Interior office space at Glastonbury-based Symmetry Partners LLC

Silicon Valley is known for its unique office spaces, where companies developing cutting-edge technology use as much innovative thinking in how they design their workspace as they do producing products or software.

Although known as the Land of Steady Habits, Connecticut, too, has many companies redefining the modern office space, incorporating new designs and features that not only aim to give the office an innovative look, but also enhance employee productivity and communication to create a competitive advantage.

In an effort to discover some of the region's most innovative office spaces, Hartford Business Journal asked companies in Greater Hartford to submit photos and explanations of atypical workspaces. We received nearly 30 submissions, and we're highlighting some of them in the pages that follow.

Many companies are using open floor plans to encourage teamwork and communication. The high-walled cubicle is largely a thing of the past. Now it's more common to see company executives sitting near other employees in flexible desk areas that can be used by any staff member on any given day.

Flexible meeting areas allow for privacy when needed. Natural light and bright colors define a lot of innovative office spaces, along with fully stocked kitchens or cafeterias.

We hope the office spaces we highlight provide ideas for how to reshape your own work environment.

– Greg Bordonaro Editor Hartford Business Journal

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Adams & Knight Inc.

Amenta Emma Architects


GO Media

IT Direct LLC

JCJ Architecture

LEGO Systems Inc.


Red Thread

Symmetry Partners LLC


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