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2016 Connecticut Family Business Awards: 3rd Place Winner

Fortunato Construction Group

PHOTO | Contributed
PHOTO | Contributed
The Fortunato Construction Group team is shown celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary at a party held at the Infinity Music Hall in Hartford.

Headquarters: Kensington

Industry: Construction

Year Founded: 1989

Founder: Vincent J. Fortunato

Generation Currently Running Company: First

No. of Full-Time Employees: 24

No. of Part-Time Employees: 0

Family Members Currently Employed at Company: Vincent Fortunato, President, CEO; Rich Fortunato, Vice President, COO – Vince's brother; Lindsey Fortunato, Project Architect – Vince's daughter

Company Website: fortunatoconstruction.com


How do you instill your family values in your employees?

At Fortunato Construction Group we think of our team as one big family. We lead with the values of respect, integrity, loyalty and generosity. The relationships we develop on our team and with our clients are the single most important aspect of our business, and we encourage all of our employees to nurture these relationships that remain at the heart of their practice.

We believe in caring for the whole person that shows up to work each day, supporting their independence, guiding their growth, and celebrating their successes. Our president has always led by example, supporting his team generously, sharing wisdom, friendship, and liberal rewards for hard work.

Perhaps most admirably, Vince truly cares for each of his employees as he cares for his family, often supporting individuals through the difficult challenges that life presents. This support has led to long-lasting employee tenures with the firm, many with careers over 15 and 20 years.

How can Connecticut improve its family business environment?

We often find that the most successful and rewarding projects we build are in partnerships with clients who are also connected to a family business. We experience the greatest alignment in values with these clients, and enjoy deeper relationships founded on mutual respect, a desire for legacy, and a "whatever it takes" attitude that gets the job done.

We have worked locally in Connecticut for 27 years, and have developed very strong relationships with Connecticut-based subcontractors, many of whom are also leading second- and third-generation family businesses.

Connecticut could improve its family business environment by connecting these companies and promoting local working relationships amongst family businesses. By developing a platform for easily locating other like-minded firms, and offering incentives for collaboration, Connecticut could support its family businesses, and promote value-oriented connections throughout our local economy.

What is the one family value you want passed onto each generation in your business?

From its inception, Fortunato Construction Group was built around developing and maintaining relationships. The connections with our team, clients, providers, partners and others are the company's most valuable asset. From generation to generation, understanding the value of these relationships, and growing new ones, will continue to be the most critical and sacred aspect of the success of this firm.

With every decision we make, from business management to project management, we've got the impact of those around us in mind. As the firm continues to grow and change over time, these relationships will remain at the very heart of who we are, and how we do business.

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