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40 Under Forty 2017

Malik Champlain

PHOTO | Contributed
PHOTO | Contributed

Age: 32

Title: Adult Parole Officer/Motivational Speaker

Town where I live: Greater Hartford

Town where I work: Greater Hartford

College: Western New England University, Sacred Heart University

Fun Fact

I'm a federally recognized Native American (Narragansett Tribe).


What do you do in your current job? I'm an adult parole officer. I am responsible for the supervision of offenders in their return to society by providing a period of supervision in the community prior to the end of their sentence. Also I run Community Bridge Builders LLC. My business allows me to travel to various institutions as a motivational speaker.

What are your goals in your current job? As a parole officer my goal is to assist offenders' successful transition back into the community with employment, external supports and more pro-active life skills. My business goal this year was to publish a book titled, "Passion Hunger Drive: Live Your Dreams, Not Your Fears," and it's now available on Amazon.com.

What's your biggest passion? My passion is giving back and building up others. Growing up, my mother was the driving force behind my passion because she believed in me when I was labeled special ed and she pushed me to earn two college degrees. Nowadays, God, my wife Rosalyn, and my two daughters are my passion because daily they remind me that my life is not about me but how I can influence others.

What are your future professional aspirations? I aspire to further my education and earn my Ph.D. I want to be a tenured professor at a well-respected university. I aspire to write several books that are New York Times Best Sellers. My biggest aspiration is to eventually run a successful international urban education consulting company.

How are you involved in the community? I serve as an ordained deacon at the Manchester Church of Christ. I volunteer as a coach for the Hartford Lacrosse Clinics. I'm a college and career mentor for high school students at several Hartford public schools. I have co-sponsored various events for nonprofits that help the community such as "The Black Man Can Institute."

If you had one wish to brighten Greater Hartford's economic future what would it be? I would wish for small businesses not to feel isolated but more supported by the Greater Hartford community. I believe that small businesses are the backbone to our regional economy and need to be at the forefront of the conversations dealing with future investments. I wish that we could lower taxes to allow these businesses and industries to grow and develop a vibrant and flourishing economic future for this area. Also, if I had a second wish I would bring back the Hartford Whalers.

List four reasons why you deserve to be a 40 Under Forty: Participated in one of the first cohorts selected in the state of Connecticut to complete a very aggressive training module in Forensic Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Forensic CBT is a nationally acclaimed training technique used by clinicians to engage offenders in a cognitive process of change. Recipient of the 100 Men of Color Award and NAACP Roberstine Duncan Memorial Award for Community Service. Ordained deacon at the Manchester Church of Christ. Author of the inspirational book "Passion Hunger Drive: Live Your Dreams, Not Your Fears."

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