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Family Business Awards

MJP Wealth Advisors

(From left) MJP Wealth Advisors' Mort Potoff, Michele Vendig and Brian Vendig.

MJP Wealth Advisors

Headquarters: Farmington and Fairfield

Industry: Financial Services

Year Founded: 1981

Founder: Mort Potoff

Generation Currently Running Company: Second

No. of Full-Time Employees: 11

No. of Part-Time Employees: 3

Family Members Currently Employed at Company: Brian Vendig, President and Managing Executive, spouse of Michele Vendig, son-in-law of Mort Potoff; Michele Vendig, Vice President, Marketing and Advisory Services, spouse of Brian Vendig, daughter of Mort Potoff; Mort Potoff, Founder, father of Michele Vendig, father-in-law of Brian Vendig

Company Website: www.mjpwealthadvisors.com

What does your company do?

MJP Wealth Advisors is an independent financial services firm that provides integrated wealth management and investment services to individuals, families and businesses.

How do you remain competitive in the market?

MJP Wealth Advisors remains competitive in the market by offering our clients integrated wealth planning, sophisticated investment strategies and innovative technology offerings to efficiently support client relationships and internal processes. Our wealth planning services are highly customized and tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives. Our investment strategies are supported by rigorous research and monitored to respond to ongoing changes in the market and the client's lifecycle.

As part of our advisory services, we focus on addressing our clients' preferences and needs to offer engaging and interactive technology to support their wealth management objectives. We provide clients with a dynamic, online platform that delivers an all-encompassing view of their wealth, which allows us to maintain a collaborative and empowering relationship with each client.

In addition, our firm makes continuous investments internally in technology, investment research, and personnel in order to improve the productivity of our team and support exceptional, high-touch client service.

What are the top two goals for your company over the next 10 years?

Over the next 10 years, we aim to continue our double-digit annual growth rate and focus on expanding in both Hartford County and Fairfield County. By offering comprehensive wealth planning services, customized investment strategies and high-level client service we have been able to grow organically and would like to continue expanding in the future.

With ongoing investments in technology and personnel, we also strive to maintain our high-level of client service and will focus on offering our clients more diverse and robust investment options.

What is the one family value you want passed onto each generation in your business?

The one family value that we would like passed onto each generation in our business is integrity. Integrity is defined as 'the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.' In our business, we believe doing the right thing and always acting in the best interest of our clients is most important.

Our founder, Mort Potoff built the company around the principles of integrity, honesty and authenticity. Our team members have adopted these values and live by them when servicing our clients each day. When referring to giving financial advice to clients, Mort has always said to ask yourself one thing, 'Would you do it for your mom or dad?' We view our clients as an extension of our own family and treat them as such. Acting with integrity is paramount and we hope this family value gets passed onto each generation in our firm's future.

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