November 10, 2017 | last updated November 10, 2017 2:02 pm
FOCUS: Innovative Office Spaces

IT Direct

Headquarters: 67 Prospect Ave., West Hartford

No. of Employees: 31

IT Direct's office space aims to promote a cooperative atmosphere that allows employees to openly share information on company and individual goals and also meet in different groups with easily accessible technology.

The group floor plan allows for both personal space and cooperative, open communication.

Key company performance information is displayed throughout the office to create accountability. The four large, ceiling-mounted screens show key performance indicators, sharing details about the success of individual and team efforts. A monitor in the break room displays the results of a weekly employee survey question as well as the status of a "Caught Someone" recognition program.

A large training room has recording technology that allows employees to record and publish training sessions for both internal and client use. A teleconference room was designed with a large screen for teleconferencing with clients, vendors and prospects.

The space also has tons of natural light and a kitchen with snacks, employee-donated goods and monthly foodie events. The keg and popcorn in the training room encourage late afternoon camaraderie and down time, and the rooftop patio provides a location for client and employee cookouts and fun events.

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