February 16, 2018

Orange-based Pez launches 'Shopkins' candy dispensers

Photo | Contributed
Photo | Contributed
Pez Candy Inc. is teaming up with Australia's Moose Toys to launch a line of Shopkins-themed Pez dispensers.

Orange-based Pez Candy Inc. is cashing in on the Shopkins toy craze.

The maker of colorful candy dispensers, often featuring cartoon and other pop culture icons, said it is partnering with Australia-based Moose Toys to offer dispensers featuring their popular Shopkins collectibles.

The plastic mini-figurines based on characters named for grocery items have been hot sellers with preschool and school-age kids since their debut several years ago.

"Shopkins Pez have been a top request from fans and we're delighted to bring these great characters into the Pez lineup," Pez Director of Marketing Amy Kopchak said in a statement.

Dispensers will feature Shopkins characters Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie and Strawberry Kiss, the company said.

In November, Cheeky Chocolate will join the lineup in a twin pack with Strawberry Kiss that will include strawberry and chocolate candy refills, Pez said.

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