March 2, 2018 | last updated March 2, 2018 2:33 pm

#9 Small/Medium Company Category: Charles IT

Charles IT

Headquarters: Middletown

Industry: IT


Top Executive: Foster Charles, Founder & CEO

Charles IT is an outsourced IT company that focuses on medical, manufacturing and nonprofit industries.

Employee Bonuses: Once a year if the company hits its goals, the entire office is flown out to an "Epic Outing." Past outings have been to Vegas and helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon or driving supercars in Los Angeles.

Fun & Relaxation: Offers a fully stocked kitchen and break room with a popcorn machine and "kegerator" with beer. Hosts bring your dog to work and office parties as well as random beach days where employees work at the beach all day and have families come down to enjoy dinner and drinks together.

Community Service: Volunteers at and sponsors Middletown Car Cruise.

Healthy Living: Has an in-house gym with a shower and lockers. Also provides stress toys and "thinking putty."

Communication: Hosts monthly town hall meetings called "Where are we going" about any large decision for the company

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