June 5, 2018

Milford's Boost Oxygen teams with national flag football tour

Photo | Contributed
Photo | Contributed
Boost Oxygen, based in Milford, will be the exclusive provider of bottled oxygen for the Flag Football World Championship Tour.

Boost Oxygen, a Milford company that sells bottled oxygen for athletes and other retail consumers, is putting its name to the Flag Football World Championship Tour.

The FFWCT hosts major flag football tournaments throughout the country with a contract for televised events with NBC Sports and Fox Sports.

Boost said it will be the exclusive oxygen product provider for tournament athletes.

"This partnership will allow players to have access to bottles of oxygen on a personal level for the first time at any level of their playing career," said Charles Davis, FFWCT cofounder and chief marketing officer.

Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner said the product, which costs $7.99 to $14.99, depending on size, and comes in natural and flavored varieties, is already used by players in the NFL, Arena Football League and NCAA.

"Seeing how popular the sport of flag football is in this country, we recognize that the level of competition at FFWCT events isn't much different than at the professional level," he said in a statement. "Players are practicing, preparing and competing to be at their best."

Boost describes itself as a leader in providing 95 percent pure, non-medical oxygen in lightweight, portable and affordable bottles to retail consumers.

The product is sold online and in sporting goods stores throughout the United States, including some Dick's Sporting Goods locations, the company said.

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