July 11, 2018

East Haven's Nexgen partners with voice-to-text giant Nuance

An East Haven company that provides computer-aided dispatch and records management technology for most of Connecticut's law enforcement agencies is adding voice recognition to its line of products.

Nexgen Public Safety Solutions said it is partnering with voice-to-text giant Nuance Communications Inc., the Burlington, Mass.-based company that developed the voice recognition engine for Siri, Apple iPhone's virtual voice assistant feature.

With Nuance's software, Dragon Law Enforcement, first responders can dictate reports or run license plates with voice command, allowing them to focus more attention on their surroundings, Nexgen CEO Sal Annunziato said.

"Nuance is a powerhouse when it comes to innovative conversational technology and by partnering with them we are bringing our growing roster of public safety organizations a new and improved way to enter information into our systems," Annunziato said.

Nexgen provides public safety software and computer-aided dispatch systems to 80 percent of Connecticut's law enforcement agencies, including the state police, the Bridgeport and Waterbury police departments and the state Department of Transportation.

Integrating Nuance's technology into Nexgen's products will make it easier for police, ambulance services and 911 operators to document and share information, leading to quicker response times, officials with both companies said.

The Methuen, Mass. police department will be the first to use the new system. It eventually will be offered to all of Nexgen's Connecticut clients, Annunziato said.

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