August 8, 2018

New Haven's Patient Wisdom lands $1M investment

New Haven startup Patient Wisdom Inc., which offers digital platforms to share health-care insights from patients, providers and others, said it has raised $1 million from a Chicago-based investor.

The company, founded in 2015, said it has now raised a total of $3.45 million in Series A funding.

The latest investment came from OCA Ventures, which focuses on companies in the technology, financial services, cyber security and healthcare technology industries.

Founder and CEO Gregory Makoul said the startup will use the money to build sales capacity and add analytic capabilities to its suite of products that improve the patient-provider experience.

The company's three digital products – PatientWisdom, ProviderWisdom and CommunityWisdom – gather real-world perspectives from users that can help health organizations better respond to patients, according to the company.

"The missing link in health care is understanding what matters to the people involved," said Makoul. "We are leveraging communication science to improve health and care by focusing on what matters, bringing new meaning to personalized medicine."

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